The Pecan – A Look at the Smaller Side of Snacks

The Pecan - Macro Photography
I was inspired to start working on a new photo series after reading “Tips For Shooting Fascinating Close-up Photos” in the April 2013 issue of Popular Photography featuring a photographer named Bruce Peterson. I started with pecans because they had loads of salt which made for an interesting texture. I did not have a lot of success replicating the exact technique as described in the article.  The solution I discovered was to take three exposures moving the strobe in a half-circle around the pecan.  I used a white board behind the pecan to reflect the strobe in an effort to soften the shadows.  I then layer masked the three images together to get a uniform exposure across the pecan.  Lastly a solid white fill layer for the background to make the image pop.  Next in the series…the almighty peanut.